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Pest Finder Prevention Tips
One of the best tips to keep pests away and/or controlled is to keep a clean, uncluttered environment whether it be at your place of business or in your private home. Once you maintain that level, you can make a few additional adjustments to seal the deal and keep future pests at bay:

  • Keep kitchen and other potential pest areas clean & free of clutter.
  • Solve moisture problems: leaky faucets and standing water.
  • Seal cracks in foundation or siding with caulk, putty or fine steel wool.
  • Minimize outdoor lighting, yellow light attracts fewer insects.
  • Don't let paper bags and newspapers accumulate. Don't store them next to the refrigerator.
  • Keep trash and recyclables covered. Do not allow garbage to accumulate in your home.
  • Make sure there is no food spillage from you or your pets.
  • Don't store food products on the floor.
  • Prune shrubs, vines and trees to minimize hiding places and moisture accumulation.
  • Check window screens and replace any damaged over the winter.

This tip is especially important because of recent Bed Bug problems here in New York. Keep the area around your bed clear of large piles or shelves full of books, magazines & newspapers. Bed bugs can find harborage in these environments. The bottom line is that the more clutter you have in a room, the less chance we will have of combatting a bed bug infestation.

We highly recommend you purchase mattress and box spring encasements that are bed bug certified. It is important to get one that fits the exact size mattress / box spring that you have, otherwise you'll have lots of creases which bed bugs will find useful for harborage. Aside from preventing them access, a proper fitting encasement will effectively entomb the bed bugs depriving them of oxygen and blood meals and will eventually die off. Don't get a regular encasement - they aren't good enough to seal in or seal out bed bugs. Y2K Bug Inc. recommends these local NYC retailers:

Bug Off Pest Center  1085 Saint Nicholas Ave. NY, NY (212) 781-2304

Jesco Pest Control Supplies  83-03 Myrtle Ave. Glendale, NY (718) 417-1756

Street Couch
One of the most ubiquitous sources for bed bug infestation is from clothing or furniture that was obtained from curbsides or low level thriftshops. It is highly recommend that you avoid picking up furniture, clothing or any other material that could potentially harbor bed bugs or any other type of pest. One persons trash may indeed be another persons treasure but use caution. You may be getting more than you bargained for.

Don't be like this freewheelin' character to the left and bring home that awesome couch you just saw on Broadway. It could all go wrong and not be worth the savings...

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